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Numerology Resources

While there are many sources on the topic, it doesn't mean that all sources are created equal; some are cryptic and confusing, and some are much easier to read than others. To help you out, I've assembled a few resources to guide you step by step on how to determine your own core numbers. Once you're finished the calculation, take a look at the characteristics assigned to each of the values below—while there is no permanent definition for these numerical values, there are certain parameters that each number encompasses:

  0:    Inner gifts
  1:    Ego; individual, original, pioneering, fulfilment
  2:    Balance; association, sensitive, diplomatic, team player
  3:    Sensitivity; self-expression, sociable, optimistic
  4:    Stability; practical, loyal, organization, achievement 
  5:    Action; progressive, a focus on moving forward, completing goals
  6:    Acceptance; caregiver, responsibilities, domestic focus
  7:    Mentality; introspective, analyst, knowledge, wisdom
  8:    Strength; independent, material aspects, power
  9:    Change; completion, selflessness, humanitarian

11:    Intuition; visionary, old soul, inspiration

22:    Master builder; organized, leader, accomplishment

Once you have an understanding of these numbers, you can move on to learn about other aspects of Numerology.

If you would like any assistance or a personalized Numerology Report, have a look at our Services page!

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